Hey yall! I’m Gracie, wife of an army man, mom of a princess, and pregnant with a baby boy on the way. I have written a fitness blog a while back that was simply about health and fitness. It went pretty well and I had a couple of people participate in conversations and challenges. This time around I would like a more general blog, something I can just pour my thoughts into and hopefully recieve some feedback. (Good or bad) Keep in mind I am not a professional writer nor am I perfect with grammar. All I can say is that I have always had a love for writing.  I have had this blog for a while and I recently decided to really go public with it. I’m nervous as hell as I don’t usually open up so much and share my mind and opinions. With that being said, please share your thoughts and ideas and lets start a conversation! Take our weekly poll and/or submit a topic below!



5 thoughts on “About”

    1. I have not blogged or logged in for quite some time. Sorry I never replied to you! Cutting out sugars is extemely hard to do, altho I find that when you finally do, your body just doest crave them anymore:)


      1. No worries. I know how busy life can get. I’m still on that quest to cut out sugars. I’ve had major setbacks. I need to make a definitive decision and move forward. Hope your summer is going well with you and your family.


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