Testimony of Faith: Childhood

I was 10 years old, scared, and sitting in the hallway of a single wide trailer. It was dark, the wind was beating up against the outside walls, and the windows were whistling. The breaker fuse had blown like it usually did when it stormed. My parents were listening to the battery powered radio trying to figure out where the tornado was headed as my brothers were in the living room dealing with a leaky ceiling. There I was sitting on the cold, hard, ripped up, floor. In my hand I had a Bible. Although I have theories, I have no idea where I got it from. I heard somewhere that Jesus could help keep you safe. That’s all I really knew. That’s all I ever interpreted from movies and television. When people were scared they would pray.


I opened the Bible and began reading. There were big words. Words that I couldn’t even pronounce. What did thou and thee mean? I was ten. I couldn’t physically understand what I was reading but I kept going. I ran my finger down every page and every sentence, slowly sounding each word out to my best ability. The storm kept pounding down on our tool box of a trailer and I remained calm, lost in a book I had yet to understand. I felt warm and safe. The storm eventually passed. I didn’t need to physically understand the word of God at age ten. Reading his word helped bring along a presence that I later learned was the Holy Spirit. From that day on I felt it tugging at me, reaching for me, and wanting me to embrace it fully. It would take me about 12 more years but I finally did. This is my reason for wanting to share this journey with you.

As adults we encounter storms of all sizes in our lives. If we keep our eyes focused on the Lord, He will guide us. He will make us feel safe and He will get us out of any storm that may be pounding at our walls. 

*Please stay tuned for part 2 of my testimony of faith. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my journey with God.*



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