ODE TO The Military Wife

4 am hugs goodbye

The toddler pees the bed

Have few friends because I’m shy

Thinking hurts my head


Waiting for a call

Baby has a fever

Look at her sweet face

How can he leave her?


Laundry needs folding

Dishes piled up

Grocery shopping is horrific

Can’t find a sippy cup


Toddler needs a bath

She screams when I try

Lock myself in the room

Two minutes to cry


Take a breath

Toddler won’t nap

I’m out of coffee

So that’s a wrap


Officially done

Toddler pooped her pants

Vacuum the rug

The dishes have ants


Time for bed

Little feet in my face

Keep checking my phone

My mind begins to race


Stay up late

Now I can’t sleep

Don’t wake the baby

Don’t make a peep


In the darkness I smile

This life is so great

crazy at times

but that’s the best trait


I do this for us

Many days until your return

I miss you like crazy

Our fire will always burn














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