A Letter to my Daughter

Baby girl,
As I type this you are almost 11 months old, laying next to me, tired,and watching your favorite TV show. You have grown so much.Mommy is very proud of you.
First of all I love you with all my heart. When Daddy and I decided to have you we giggled at the thought of having a little mini me. Boy were we wrong!  You are all daddy and I love every part of that. When I look at you, I see him. Believe me, that is where you want to be.
Second, you have saved me.  Because of you,  I will never be lonely. Sometimes daddy has to leave for work and I am so thankful that I have you to hold. I truely hope that never ends.
Someday you will grow up and not be my little girl anymore (or so you think) so here’s what I say to you..
1. Always know that we love you and just want the best for you.
2. You might say you “hate” me some day. . Thats fine.. just means I’ve made a decision that is best for you.
3. Always use your words.  If you have something to say, say it. Unless it is inappropriate,  don’t be afraid of what others will think.
4. When it comes to boys. (Yikes) I cannot stress this one enough.. BE YOURSELF. You are beautiful inside and out and if a boy doesn’t like that then he is not the one! Do NOT change for anyone.
5. Stand up for yourself.  Don’t ever let anyone bully or push you around.  Whatever you choose to do please please remember.. Just because someone is mean to you doesn’t mean that they don’t have things going on in their life. Use your words first, then your resources and if that doesn’t work then ..God bless them and keep moving on. It’s not worth it.
6. As you get into your early 20s you may think you know it all. Never lose your self worth, your self control, or your beliefs.
7. Mommy life is hard. There are days you will want to throw in the towel. You can do it! us women have it engraved in our DNA.
8. Love your husband. Whatever crisis you two go through, lean on eachother. God put you into his life for a reason. Be faithful and honest with him always. The most important aspect of marriage is getting your partner into heaven, and that is what you should strive for.
9. Above all, love God. Love him with all your heart, body, and soul. Keep true to your faith. Go to church.Pray, pray, and pray some more. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

You will forever be my Princess..

Love Mommy.


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